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What’s around here? Part two.

As I mentioned in part one, the other “big” software service running on this server is Nextcloud.

Nextcloud is effectively “self-hosted Dropbox.” All of the pros and cons I mentioned with Gitea? They exist here as well… Would I rather control the service myself and not be subject to the whims of the Large Company? Yes. Do I worry about data integrity when I’m the only one to lean on? Yes. (Am I confident that my installation is secure? Yes, but I can’t make security a full-time position. I’m also building apps and writing and cookin’-&-cleanin’ and walking the puppy 5 miles every morning. There’s other stuff going on!)

One notable but understandable headache with Nextcloud — it’s not baked into any other services/hardware that I use. The primary example of this being my Epson scanner/printer. That device has native support for email, Dropbox, and other services. I can drop a document into the feeder and a .pdf simply appears in my Dropbox folder a few minutes later. Very handy. Very not available with Nextcloud. (Unless, and this is only occurring to me as I type, I come with some sort of folder-watching-and-file-duplicating Applescript on the iMac? But even then you’re not eliminating Dropbox from your life, you’re just duplicating it for no purpose.)

I like Nextcloud; it has additional capabilities of which I’ve only just scratched the surface, but I haven’t closed my Dropbox account. It’s too useful.

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