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What’s around here? Part one.

Once you have a Linux server running and a SQL database installed, there’s seemingly no end to the number of open-source products you can install. This domain currently runs two “big” projects, in addition to WordPress. The first is Gitea, the second is Nextcloud.

Gitea is a service that lets users run their own version of Github/Gitlab. While I don’t have any particular concern about relying on Github (along with robust backups of my desktop and laptop), it’s interesting to consider the tradeoffs. If I host my code on my own server, it doesn’t matter whether or not Github “goes down.” If Microsoft decides on a new business model for Github, that’s fine. My code repositories are on my server, not theirs. (Well, on Linode’s servers, but that’s another post).

On the other hand, Github operates safely, at scale. As a solo developer, I’m potentially my own worst enemy. The dev who inspired me to install Gitea ultimately took his own version down because, in the course of doing something entirely unrelated, he knocked over his SQL database, which in turn knocked out his Gitea site, which rendered his current work unavailable. He was able to recover from a backup, but he was nervous enough to write up a long post declaring self-hosted code repos as “too dangerous,” without proper backup-and-security resources.

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